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Community Embraces/Manipulates Image of Local Orange-Shirted Businessman

Sioux Falls, SD—October 15, 2012—On Wednesday, October 17, representatives of the Sioux Falls advertising and marketing agency Fresh Produce will announce the winner of its first-ever photo editing contest on the KSFY morning show with Shawn Cable & Nancy Naeve.

The Mike Hart Autumn Photoshop Initiative was conceived to raise awareness of the autumn season and to celebrate Fresh Produce president Mike Hart, who sometimes wears fall colors.

Though Cable and KSFY have shown support for the contest through various social media outlets, it is sponsored exclusively by Fresh Produce. “It’s true that Shawn [Cable] inspired the contest to a certain extent,” admitted Fresh Produce writer Brian Bieber. Earlier this month, Cable requested that the public send him fall-themed photos via Twitter.

“But don’t be confused. This contest is a Fresh Produce joint,” Bieber continued, referencing the preferred vernacular of filmmaker Spike Lee. The Mike Hart Autumn Photoshop Initiative is not a film contest.

More than 26 contest entries were received. Cable will review the top ten finalists during the Tuesday broadcast of the Shawn & Nancy Show, and the winner will be announced by Fresh Produce live on-air during Wednesday’s broadcast.

The contest winner will receive a complimentary subscription to "Sell With Hart," Fresh Produce’s inspirational sales management quarterly.

Third runner-up.