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Fresh Produce and First Dakota National Bank promote popcorn ball consumption

SIOUX FALLS, SD—April 27, 2017—Fresh Produce, in conjunction with First Dakota National Bank, recently produced a TV spot and web video featuring David Olson, the manager-owner of The Original Kimball Popcorn Ball in Kimball, South Dakota. The TV spot premiered during the 2017 Super Bowl football game, and encouraged viewers to stop by their local First Dakota branch to receive a complimentary popcorn ball.

“Most typical popcorn balls are not very good. They’re hard and dry and not very flavorful,” said Fresh Produce writer Brian Bieber, who interviewed Olson for the project. “These folks are doing something different, though. Their popcorn balls are soft and delicious, and not even very sticky. According to David, it has to do with their slurry, but he couldn’t tell me any more than that, for proprietary reasons.”

Within four days, First Dakota branches handed out more than 5,000 Original Kimball Popcorn Ball popcorn balls, which is probably a lot more than some people would have guessed they would give out in four days.

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