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Fresh Produce announces Top 50 of 2016

SIOUX FALLS, SD--December 15, 2016--Sioux Falls ad agency Fresh Produce has released its annual Top 50 list. The 2016 list, presented below, is a compilation of things from all eleven members of the Fresh Produce team. A physical copy of the list will be available to view at Fresh Produce through January 15, 2017.

Fresh Produce Top 50

- Buying a snowblower
- Getting Best in Shows at ADDYs
- Snowliage
- “Washington Bullets” by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib
- Hosting our first Thanksgiving
- Becoming an aunt for the fourth time
- Finding the bridge in Madison County
- The artist who only paints birds, butterflies, bunnies, and Abraham Lincoln
- My Dwarven Fighter hit 6th level
- Finally getting to use petrified mice in an artwork
- Aerial class with the FP girls (though not as good as previous year)
- Learning my Myers-Briggs personality type
- Dine with a Fighter
- Camping with a resident Bison herd
- POET Broadstrokes Process
- Election Day Birthday (worst present ever)
- Another Harry Potter book came out
- Dr. Winnie Dunn from KU as keynote speaker for Michael’s Journey
- Learning Russian
- Matching thunder bird tats with a stranger
- The Lewis & Clark lake sign, “Kids Don’t Float”
- Fresh Produce school pictures
- Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut
- Getting 2nd place at a karaoke contest at the Shrine
- Rediscovering chocolate milk
- Sacrificing donut holes
- Games at SDSU’s new stadium – Go Jacks
- Almost scaring people at Spook Road
- When my son told a priest that the brittle star stands on tip-toes to release its sperm
- Seeing Ray Lamontagne
- Star Spangle Ballz at the Nickel Spot
- Seeing the Cherry Blossom bloom in Washington D.C.
- Main Avenue Warehouse's final gig with Chris Miller in Okaboji
- Starting a puzzle
- Liz’s painting of News
- The Owl is Great at Being Silent
- Menards and my garage
- Airbnb success in Washington, D.C.
- Combine rides with my old man and my little man
- Androgynous nipple art
- Playing saxophone in a boat parade
- Finishing a half marathon
- Finishing a feature length screenplay
- Yurts
- Making a face in the mirror so unsettling, I scared myself
- Taking my son to NYC
- Coloring with my daughter
- Having a media team
- Kayla, Melissa, and Ashley joining the crew

Top 50