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Fresh Produce utilizes homophones in advertising campaign for new medical product

Sioux Falls, South Dakota—October 21, 2016—Sioux Falls advertising agency Fresh Produce recently used a classic form of wordplay to help promote the MUV board by Cega Innovations.

“The headline reads, ‘Don’t transfer patients, make MUVs,’” explained Fresh Produce writer Brian Bieber. “While that might look like a typo at first glance, the non-standard spelling of ‘MUV’ is actually a reference to the name of the product, the ‘MUV’ board.”

Cega’s MUV board is a new patient transfer device that eliminates many of the challenges associated with moving a patient from one bed to another, like infection control, skin integrity, and staff injuries.

“Of course we know how to spell the word ‘move,’” noted Bieber. “And even if we didn’t, spellcheck is definitely going to catch something like that.”

Fresh Produce produced a suite of “Make MUVs” materials for Cega to use in sales presentations, print and online publications, and at trade shows.

“If anything, using a word that sounds like, but is spelled differently than another, more expected word shows that we are pretty strong spellers,” said Bieber. “You’ve gotta know the rules before you can break ‘em.”

You can learn more about Cega Innovations and the MUV board at

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Example of Cega MUV trade show banners.