Featured Artist: Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is a painter living in Omaha, NE. Smith earned her MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her BA from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. She has exhibited and lectured nationally and internationally, with exhibitions in New York, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Miami and Seattle metros, Iceland, and Chile. She was a visiting artist at Temple University, Rome, Italy, and was awarded a residencies at Fljótstunga in Iceland, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center in Nebraska City, and Art 342 in Fort Collins.

Smith taught painting as an assistant professor at Indiana University, Minnesota State University, Mankato, and Doane University, and is currently gallery manager at the Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha.  

You can learn more about Amanda and her work by clicking here.

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