Four Different Projects

First Dakota National Bank

2015 Campaign

“Let’s have a tough conversation.”

Making your dreams happen isn’t always easy. First Dakota embraces those challenges with their clients, even if it means having a tough conversation or two.

Materials: television ads, online videos, billboard, print

Project Partners: Crufilco, Pixelbox, Studio Blu

Pro Am Jam

Golf Tournament and Rock & Roll Show

Every summer, First Dakota National Bank hosts a pro-am golf tournament that concludes with a rock & roll concert. Fresh Produce helps out by making a bunch of Huey Lewis puns.

Materials: gig poster, concert pass, ball marker, bag tag, ticket, score card, book, exterior window clings, speaker scrims, flags, guitar trophies, sponsor banners, large free-standing metal silhouettes.

Project Partners: Studio Blu, A-1 Jet