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Ipso Gallery & Rock Garden Tour present Art Sounds

Want to make a radio show with Ipso? We’re listening…

This spring, Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce is celebrating the sounds of art making.

Streamed live on KRGT Rock Garden Tour Radio over the course of two weeks, Ipso’s Art Sounds asks artists of all kinds to reexamine and remix the idea of what radio sounds like.  From unique takes on familiar radio tropes to reimagining the medium, Art Sounds will broadcast stories, sounds, and music inspired by the process of creativity, creative thinking, and art-making.

Ipso’s Art Sounds is a collaboration with KRGT Radio, and will be broadcast worldwide at RockGardenTour.com, in May.

Artists can participate in a number of ways.

Produce your own show
What would you do with 30-120 minutes of airtime? Make an episode of your own show for Art Sounds. Could be music-based. Could be interview-based. Could be something that defies description. Shows should run between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and can feature music, interviews, monologues, sound collage, or just about anything else audio-based and art making-focused.

Guest on an Art Sounds production
If you want to participate without committing to an entire show, there are other ways to make Art Sounds. You could guest on another artist’s show, provide sound effects coordination, or contribute in some other way we couldn’t even imagine.

Provide a station identification
Unable to produce a show, but want to show your support? Channel your inner radio announcer and record a station ID for Art Sounds on KRGT. We’ll provide a script, or you can ad lib your own.

Submit your idea for Art Sounds


This is a big, strange idea, so we understand if you have questions*
Get in touch with us at ipso@pickfresh.com if you have any questions, or would like to be a part of Art SoundsWe request that you submit your show concept as soon as possible, as we’ll be reviewing submissions on a rolling basis..

*We’ve answered a few initial programming questions here.