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Famous 2021

Shawn Kuhnel, Alex Duncan, Jeannie Jedlicka

After a year of uncertainty, many businesses were looking to get back on track. Some of them even entrusted the Famous team at Fresh Produce to help them out. We were excited to work with a diverse group of clients to gain a glimpse into our possible futures as we all try to search for the new normal.

CO-OP Architecture
Friends + Citizens

Name, Brand Identity, Signage & Messaging

The Friends + Citizens team at CO-OP Architecture needed a hand in developing a brand identity for a new building concept in Rapid City, South Dakota. We created a new logo, along with interior and exterior signage concepts for the project, as well as the building’s new name: The Fairburn.

Remote Work Ready

Name, Brand Identity

Remote Work Ready was a startup company looking to make an impact when they were released to the public, but they weren’t too fond of their name. What we developed reminded our target audiences about the comfort of home and showed that Remote Work Ready was there to help people find work doing what they enjoyed no matter where they lived.

Gist Wine Shop

Direct Mailers, Digital Advertising

Mel Guse needed a way to introduce herself to the downtown Sioux Falls community after moving her wine shop from the Twin Cities. We decided a fun and light introduction to the many words and phrases associated with wine would separate her shop from the rest. 

Poetry Out Loud

Public Relations

An atypical year (to say the least) called for an atypical Poetry Out Loud needed a campaign that would encourage not only the teachers in South Dakota but also their students, to participate in their national poetry competition. Multiple tactics, including written and video PSAs, as well as resources for teachers, were created to encapsulate both audiences into one campaign.

Perspective Architecture


To celebrate 14 years in business, the people at Perspective thought a new and improved website would be the icing on the cake. We found a way to update their look and inform users who Perspective values most: the people they serve.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Logo, Invites

In need of an invitation and a new logo for an annual private event, South Dakota Public Broadcasting came to us in search of some quick and simple ideas. We put a twist on the typical party invitation and turned it into something people will want to hold onto as a keepsake, with a specially designed coaster featuring their event’s new logo.

Sioux Falls Food Co-Op

Direct Mail, Digital, Print

The Sioux Falls Food CO-OP hosts an annual block party to celebrate their shoppers, but in 2021 they had a little more to celebrate. Direct mailers, posters, and social media posts were made to showcase the newest addition to their store and invite those to attend their first block party after the COVID shutdown.

Badger Clark Publishing

Map Design

Badger Clark Publishing wanted the re-release of their book Clark Stories to include an illustrative map of Clark with highlighted areas of interest. We took the memorable moments from the book and brought them to life to celebrate this little slice of history, and even pitched a new name so other towns in South Dakota could follow suit.

Rattlesnake Summer

Promo, Print, Kits

In the first time in a little over a year Fresh Produce was ready to open their doors for another Ipso Show. We created a “tangies” bag full of the small things that make South Dakota special to pair with the release of Chris Vondracek’s second edition of Rattlesnake Summer, with art from Luke Gorder.

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