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Art pilgrimage to New York City

Art (and art appreciation) is a big part of Fresh Produce and Ipso Gallery. It plays into a lot of what we do at the agency and inspires core ideas for our projects. Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce serves the creative culture of the crew as we get to share works by artists we think are making really great work, as well as explore concepts of interest.

My family of three spent a week traveling between boroughs in New York City visiting some of our favorite art galleries. As a Writer / Public Relations at Fresh Produce, I help promote Ipso Gallery and publish a quarterly art zine, Sound + Color, with my husband.

Every couple of months, we try to do art pilgrimages to cities around Sioux Falls. But this April, we had the opportunity to head back to New York City for a week, after moving from there in 2016. This time we had a one-year-old in tow, so things were a little different, but we had a great time seeing some artists we love and visiting our favorite art galleries.

Here’s a few from our art pilgrimage to New York City:

1. The Hole
The Hole is a contemporary art gallery located in the SoHo area of Manhattan. It is one of the galleries we follow closely on Instagram. We’d been reading a lot about their show, Clay Today, and we were familiar with some of the artists in the group show. This was our first stop, before we headed to see the New Museum Triennial. Clay Today showcased a lot of young as well as well-known ceramic artists from around the world, including Francesca DiMattio, Joakim Ojanen and Diana Rojas.

2. New Museum
While we lived in New York, we made it a point to see the New Museum Triennial show. I consider it one of the best curated museum exhibitions and a great way to find out about artists from around the world. The 2018 Triennial, Songs of Sabotage, explored political, social and cultural systems. The art looked at these structures using very different mediums and some got pretty weird. Some works that stayed with me was a performance and sculpture piece, Co-Natural, by Romanian artist Alexandra Pirici. It featured choreographed dancers interacting with a hologram of the artist, based in Bucharest. Two odd-balls that I loved were Progressive Rocks by Nathaniel Mellors and a video piece by Hong Kong artist Wong Ping [very weird, but so good].

3. Pace Gallery
Did you know that David Hockney was still making new works? I didn’t. Something New in Painting (and Photography) [and even Printing] at Pace Gallery showcased just that, by Hockney. I’ve never seen a full Hockney show, so this was a pleasant surprise to walk into. The Chelsea area in Manhattan is a treasure trove of art with galleries sprinkled around a six-block radius.

4. Matthew Marks Gallery
For me, gallery-hopping is a great way to find out about new (and old) artists. This time at Matthew Marks Gallery, I finally saw works by Robert Gober. [See also: The Heart is not a Metaphor] The first thing we see is this model made of cardboard and duct tape. Bizarre, but I totally dug it. It was most probably 8x11x2 inches, but it stood out from the rest of the works on paper. I didn’t get it until we walked to the back of the gallery. It was a life-size version of that little cardboard sculpture we saw at the beginning. The artist had dug a hole and built this neat sculpture showing the entrance (lit from the inside) to a cellar from his childhood home.

I won’t get into the details of the others, but I just want to mention these three galleries because I saw some of my favorite artists there.


Horizon Eyes, works by Letha Wilson at GRIMM.

6. Paula Cooper Gallery

Bernd and Hilla Becher: In Dialogue with Carl Andre and Sol LeWitt at Paula Cooper Gallery.

7. 303 Gallery

NEW ERA, works by Doug Aitken at 303 Gallery. [Image: 303 Gallery]

[I’m looking forward to sharing more from art pilgrimages around the Midwest. Next stop: Omaha or Kansas City. Email angela@pickfresh.com any recommendations you may have in those cities.]

All images by the author, unless stated otherwise.