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Famous: An agency within an agency

This summer’s Famous team produced marketing materials for various clients in the Sioux Falls area. They also organized Field Trip, Ipso Gallery‘s first socially-distanced exhibition, and assembled a limited edition kit containing fun delights, coupons, and maps that lead viewers on an unexpected journey to pick up various items at some of our favorite places in Sioux Falls. 

What did you look forward to doing/learning as a Famous intern?

Rachel Ehlers: The thing I looked forward to the most about being a Famous intern this summer was the idea that I got to handle the team’s clients. As the Account Service intern, I was excited to be able to take the lead on communications with clients and create a relationship with them throughout the process.

Huong Nguyen: I would say the whole creative process. As an intern, we didn’t expect to see the assembly lines of production. At Fresh Produce, the first thing we would learn is how to turn a few notes into strategically unique and creative works. I was also so excited to be the first-ever fourth Famous intern in the past 10 years.

Austin Miller: I looked forward to collaborating with the other Famous interns and making memorable campaigns for our clients. I had never worked in an agency before this summer, so I was excited to learn the ropes of the agency life.

Rachel Harmon: I looked forward to working with the crew and learning from creative powerhouses. I also looked forward to seeing projects completed and having a final product to show from it.

Did the internship give you a better idea of what you want to do after graduation?

RE: This internship really solidified for me that I was heading in the right direction. Famous really rekindled my desire to succeed in the advertising world and got me jazzed up about heading into my master’s program!

HN: YESS! Famous got me excited about the future in the marketing/advertising world. I felt inspired by how the Fresh Produce staff leads their own life besides the office work. I could easily name a few here: Angela is releasing her second No Business Magazine, Michael is in a really cool band called Tenenbaums, Bailey has her new earring business, Pish Posh Goods, etc. Fresh Produce gave me the confidence to start my own YouTube channel & blog (coming soon!).

AM: Famous was fun because I was able to wear many hats. Although my position was the writer, I did so many other things on a day-to-day basis. If anything, this internship informed me that I work best in an environment where my role changes frequently. Advertising is an ever-changing business, so I think I can see myself doing it for a long time.

RH: Yes, I know that I want to work at an agency like FP, which values creatives and their process. The feel of working in a not too small agency is nice, everyone still has their roles, but you get the chance to explore.

What project did you really enjoy working on?

RE: My favorite project throughout the summer was Hayes Davis Remodeling. Hayes was easy to communicate with and really gave us a lot of creative freedom to define his brand. In the end, we created a name, logo, and a few extras that really resonated with his personality and business. I loved the final products!

HN: Affordable Moving was a lovely project. We got to design their direct mailers and later the truck wrap. You might be able to see our design moving around the city.

AM: Affordable Moving was my favorite project. Jess and Nate put a lot of trust in us, and as interns, that felt good. Rachel H and I were able to provide them with a cornucopia of delightful ideas for the direct mail campaign and their truck wrap.

RH: My favorite project was Field Trip. We went on a lot of intuition to make the gallery show experience. It was the most hands-on because we actually got to bind the kits and put them all together.

What aspect/s of projects challenged you most?

RE: The aspect that challenged me the most was when the client’s plans/events were either changed or canceled due to the pandemic. There was a lot of uncertainty this summer for everyone, and it was a slight letdown when projects had to be put on hold.

HN: The most challenging part of the projects, for me, was completing my parts the best way possible and trusting my teammates to do the same. There is always a fine line between creativity and strategy, and I have to balance that out.

AM: I think that the toughest part of our projects was communication. We did all of our presentations online and were restricted to email and phone calls when we wanted to talk to clients. We all had to learn how to send effective emails and make the most of the times we spent “face to face” on Zoom.

RH: The first project we worked on challenged me the most. We were all still learning the process and trying to tackle working together too.

“This is an amazing opportunity, better than the majority of regular internships, and you should apply even if you don’t think you’re good enough.”

Any advice for future applicants?

RE: My advice for future applicants is to not to be afraid to apply! Even if you feel as if you do not have enough ‘relevant’ experience to get in, go through the application process anyway. Having a passion for the industry and a strong work ethic can get you farther than you think.

HN: Prepare yourself for the interview but don’t over-prepare. Fresh Produce wants to get to know you. Feel free to share your extraordinary hobbies or inspiration. Always remember “come with a reason and leave with a reason to come back.”

AM: I think the only advice I have is to be yourself and to have fun.

RH: This is an amazing opportunity, better than the majority of regular internships, and you should apply even if you don’t think you’re good enough.

Anything else you want to add?

HN: Learn to brew coffee if you’re a coffeeholic. I spent $$ at coffee stores this summer. The Source is a three-minute walk away. Believe me: it’s really tempting.

AM: Ask Katrina how to use the coffeemaker so that you don’t spill coffee all over the kitchen.

RH: We had a safe, fun internship during a pandemic. Imagine your experience when we hopefully aren’t in a pandemic.

Any inquiries about the Famous internship program at Fresh Produce can be sent to famous@pickfresh.com

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