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History of The Phillips Avenue Tossball Club

Original poster design from 2013.

When was The Phillips Avenue Tossball Club started?
Tossball started in 2013.

Why was it started?
We came up with the idea and thought it was cool, but we didn’t want people to think it was just another silly idea from FP so we told people that the original idea was inspired by something we saw in a big city. Wait, that’s how Kiosk Thursday started. The idea for Tossball happened while working on a rebranding project for the Sioux Falls Canaries. We all remembered playing lots of catch as kids and having a blast, but we don’t play catch together as adults. Which is a bummer because playing catch is one of the top things you can do. So we decided to start a club where people get together to play catch.

What’s the schedule like?
It’s the Great American Lunch Time. We get together every Wednesday noon at Falls Park West.

How many people were at the first opener?
20 people or so came to the opener. From week to week we get between 5 and 15 people. Everyone is welcome. Some gloves are provided.

How many times have you moved locations?
Our original field was on the South end of Falls Park West near the statue. Now, due to some construction projects, we’ve relocated to the North end of Falls Park West, between the two giant dirt piles.

Who is that man on the poster? Is he real? Is he the mascot?
That’s Spitball Burly Stimpson, legendary Tossballer out of Port William. He had a few good years playing semi-pro in the bare-hand league.

Do we have a team captain?
We’re all Captains of our own game of catch.