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Kiosk Thursday Gift Guide to Giving

If you’ve read F.P. SHOCKER: “WE MADE UP KIOSK THURSDAY” over on Big News Bear, it may shock you to know that Kiosk Thursday still exists. Kiosk Thursday is alive and well, and partly thriving in the online world. It even has its own Instagram page to prove how okay it’s doing. [Trust the Fresh Produce Weblog to bring you real updates.]

In the spirit of giving, we give you our Staff Picks from Kiosk Thursday. And, to build on that spirit of giving, all orders will include one holiday postcard from an exclusive limited run for Kiosk Thursday Gift Guide to Giving (pictured above). Here are some Smalls for your gift-giving consideration—

Match book featuring artwork by Peter Reichardt.
We designed these special match books in conjunction to the Ipso show, Hi, Hello: Some Work by Peter Reichardt. The vendor would only take a minimum order of 500 boxes, so we went for it!
Good for lighting your holiday candles, starting a fire, lighting up your life.

Who doesn’t like fire.” — Kristi Dorn, ★★★★★

Dependability and Timeliness Zine.
For over ten years, the Fresh Produce crew has been producing radio ads for Perkins Storage and Transfer, based in Brookings. Mike and Ted pitched a sixty-second spot when they first met the good people at Perkins in 2004. Since then, we’ve scripted and produced a radio ad for them every month. We made this zine—a collection of our favorite Perkins radio spots—to celebrate our client and the unique relationship we’ve shared.
Great for someone who has a good sense of humor.

The guy who stars in those ads, Mr. Bruce Thunderman, is an acquaintance of mine.” —Mike Hart, ★★★★★

Fresh Produce Wallet Photo.
We have Picture Day at Fresh Produce every October, and we sell these photos at a very arbitrary price.
Good in case someone at Fresh Produce owes you money. Also, great for someone who has a good sense of humor.

Mike wasn’t present for photos this year, so it’s a vintage 2017 edition. I predict value will skyrocket. I bet he’d even write a quote and sign it for a loved one! #sellwithhart” —Erin Murtha, ★★★★★

Mystery Tee.
We’re really saving you the headache of choosing a T-shirt with our Mystery Tee. You say, “Yes, I’ll take one”, and we’ll say, “Yes, we’ll give you one.”
Good for making the least amount of effort in your effort of gift giving.

Surprises aren’t just for gender reveal parties and series finales.” —Kyle Jameson, ★★★★★

Magnetic Pennant.
A little flim flam, but also sort of revolutionary.
Good [read review below]

Even though it says it is made of felt, it really feels like wool. And wool is so much warmer than felt.“—Cami Lovely, ★★★★★

Other Smalls we just love, all available on Kiosk Thursday:
Limited Edition—Mt. Skullmore Weave Patch
Pre-Order—The Official Fresh Produce Book Club Punch Reader
Keep Sioux Falls Boring Bundle—Pen + Keychain