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Rattlesnake Summer

Rattlesnake Summer

Rattlesnake Summer

Because so much depends on our good vision.

Reminisce on the times you’ve spent at the lake on a hot summer day, the ensemble of sounds from a pep band on a Friday night, and the numerous attempts to convince everyone and their mothers that west is best. Rattlesnake Summer recognizes the little details that make up South Dakota through paintings and poetry from Luke Gorder and Christopher Vondracek, two local artists who fed their curiosity with small town gas stations, dirt roads, and everything in-between.

A proper gathering isn’t complete without entertainment: so we made sure to include the signature food and drinks of South Dakota, along with some tangible items for a select number of guests. Christopher and Luke will share stories of their works, and we’ll release a special Ipso Edition of Rattlesnake Summer, 66 poems dedicated to the 66 counties of South Dakota. All this and more at our first Ipso show in over a year: you won’t want to miss out.

The special limited Ipso edition of Rattlesnake Summer is available for purchase now!