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Art Untamed: Wood carving reaches back to one of art’s most ancient forms. Totem transforms this artful ancestry into a wild new interactive gallery experience. Artist Nathan Holman‘s masks usually hang on walls, and people look at them. Ipso’s Totem wants you to look through them instead. This change of perspective taps into one of the most natural aspect of human expression – you might even call it animal.

Totem: Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce stirs the pot with exhibitions that invite patrons to participate, interact and imagine. In Totem, we present an artistic menagerie where patrons will not only observe and appreciate Nathan Holman’s whimsical mask carvings, but they will actually have the opportunity to become them. And for those that don’t believe, it will all be video streamed online

Sponsors: The Box
Ipso Totem requires the ability to wear Holman’s animal masks, as well as the ability to watch people wearing them. To accomplish this our Famous For Meats internship team created wearable versions of Holman’s carved masks. Then, with help from Holman, they created a room, the Totem Box, where masked patrons will be given the opportunity to do whatever comes naturally.

The Box was made possible through a generous sponsorship by Howalt McDowell. The ability to observe the activity inside of the box via video stream at came through a sponsorship from Workplace I.T. Management.