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Art Sounds

Art Sounds

Art Sounds

Ipso is going on the radio and you’re coming with us.

This spring, Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce is celebrating the sounds of art-making.

Streamed live on KRGT Rock Garden Tour Radio from 4:00 – 10:00 pm for the week of May 24-28, Ipso’s Art Sounds reexamines and remixes the idea of what radio sounds like with the help of artists of all kinds. From unique takes on familiar radio tropes to reimagining the medium, Art Sounds will broadcast stories, sounds, and music highlighting creativity and the process of art-making.

Art Sounds is a collaboration with KRGT Radio, and will be broadcast worldwide*.

*If you’re in Sioux Falls, walk by Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce on 6th and Main to listen to the live broadcast and see who’s on-air from the Art Sounds studio.

Featured Artists

Angela Zonunpari

Bailey Bunger

Brian Bieber

Casey Kelderman

Christopher Vondracek

Cierra Treloar

Dayles Ford

Drew Helland

Erin Murtha

Jim Groth

Laura Gilbertson

Liz Heeren

Mateya Murtha

Matthias Jeske

Michael Bless

Mike Hart

Qarl Koyzer

Shannon Frewaldt

Sophia Weisensel

Spencer Raap

Ted Heeren

Wyatt Dickson