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Treasure Box

Treasure Box

To Show: This interactive show allows viewers to get an intimate glimpse into the hearts, minds, and even homes of the Treasure Box collectors through the juxtaposition of their acquired treasures. When small-scale art pieces and oddities join together to create a “still life” a part of the collector’s personality is expressed.

To Tell: The collector’s unique backgrounds and personal styles inspire the aesthetic fashioned in each vignette. The shadow boxes featured in Treasure Box represent more than just collections. They tell stories through poetic arrangement of lost, recovered, reused, refined, or re-purposed objects.

Justin Enger, Jamie Scarbrough and Jeff Danz, Chris Langford and Ellyn Suga, Fresh Produce, The Design Center, Rick Johns, South Dakota Magazine, Christine and Kevin Liberko, Mary and Mike Luce, and Lindsay Twa.