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Tele-bout it: The magic of the Telestory Booth inspired Ipso Gallery’s next big thing, Telegraphic. It’s an art exhibition that challenged 13 graphic designers to create work, using stories recorded inside of the Telestory Booth as inspiration.

Tele-story about Tele-story: The Telestory Booth seemed like a good idea at the time, so some people at Rug & Relic and Fresh Produce got together and built it. Had it not been for a genuine interest in art, storytelling, rabble-rousing, prank calling, hanging out in booths, culture building, talking, listening, impersonating Louie the Lightning Bug, recycling vintage stuff, preserving history and celebrating the moment – the Telestory Booth wouldn’t have happened. If you want to know about the booth’s purpose, some day we’ll probably be able to tell you. For now though, its just the cosmic force of the entire sonic universe crammed into an upright closet sized booth, and it’s waiting for you to drop by and say hello.

20th century technology is so hot right now. Anybody with a story to tell can go into the booth, pick up the phone, leave a tiny piece of their soul after the beep, hang up the phone and walk out. Every story is recorded and preserved by a magic-j-box that hides inside of the phone itself. We share some of our favorite stories at and on SDPB Radio during the Rock Garden Tour.