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Phoenix Even Better Than Imagined

By Fresh Produce

SIOUX FALLS, SD—November 6, 2015—After a brief business trip to Phoenix, Arizona in October, Fresh Produce creative director Ted Heeren concluded that Phoenix is all that the Fresh Produce team has imagined it would be, and more.

“What’s not to love about Phoenix?” asked Heeren rhetorically. “There’s one great surprise after another around every corner.”

The 36 hour trip was a last-minute addition to a commercial shoot in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California, featuring several prominent UFC fighters. The exciting third location was added days before shooting was scheduled to begin, to the delight of everyone at Fresh Produce.

“It’s not every day you get to go to Phoenix.”

“It’s not every day you get to go to Phoenix,” said Heeren. “Can you imagine getting to go to Phoenix every day?”


Director of Photography for the shoot, T.C. Worley of Minneapolis, Minnesota, had been to Phoenix before, and also had a lot of good things to say about it, initially.

“Can you imagine getting to go to Phoenix every day?”

“Being a Southern man now living in the Midwest, I love Arizona,” said Worley. “I like the heat, the open scenery, the cactus, and so on.”

Worley also noted that due to his “slight” build, Arizona’s hot, dry climate agrees with his constitution, much like Doc Holiday in Tombstone. He could have stopped there, but Worley continued.

“First impression [of Phoenix]? Too much golf,” he went on, unnecessarily. “I don’t like to dress up, and I definitely don’t want to dress up and walk eighteen holes of manicured lawn. I get the idea it’s the only thing there is to do for fun, besides hot air balloons.”


Heeren noted that he was on his high school’s golf team, and that hot air balloon rides seem pretty cool to him.

“But if you do go to Phoenix, don’t skip Pete’s Fish and Chips,” said Worley. “It’s not the best you’ll ever have, but you’ll probably remember it as being special somehow.”

“I thought that fish place was really, really great,” agreed Heeren, who typically doesn’t even enjoy eating fish.

The Phoenix-related TV spots will air nationally this fall.

Phoenix-related TV spots: