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F.P. and Ipso Gallery on Track to Raise $1 Million for Local Arts

By Fresh Produce

SIOUX FALLS, SD–April 8, 2016–Fresh Produce announced today that the success of Ipso Gallery’s most recent fundraising show, “Lucky Number,” has kept it on track to raise $1 million for the local arts community.

Since its first annual fundraising show in 2010, Ipso Gallery has raised over $90,000 for the arts community with the help of dozens of generous sponsors. Each year, sponsorship dollars are divided between participating artists and a different local arts organization.

“$90,000 is a lot of money. But a million is even more.”

“$90,000 is a lot of money,” said Fresh Produce creative director Ted Heeren. “But a million is even more.”

If Fresh Produce and Ipso Gallery continue to hit their annual fundraising goal of $15,000, they will have raised just over $1 million by at least early 2076, or even as early as late 2075.


“Obviously, those numbers are not adjusted for inflation,” noted Fresh Produce writer Kyle Jameson, though it is unclear how adjusting the numbers for inflation could change the fundraising schedule, or if any members of the Fresh Produce writing team understand what it means to adjust numbers for inflation.

“Obviously, those numbers are not adjusted for inflation.”

“The bottom line is this: fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Fresh Produce writer Brian Bieber. “And we plan to keep trotting along for at least another sixty years.”

Ipso Gallery’s 2016’s beneficiary is JAM Art & Supplies, a creative reuse center that keeps art and craft materials out of dark closets and landfills and in the hands of children, artists, nonprofits, schools, and teachers.


Previous Ipso Gallery Beneficiaries

2016: JAM Art & Supplies
2015: The Local Artist
2013: Cinema Falls
2012: Sioux Falls Design Center
2011: SculptureWalk
2010: The State Theatre


Lucky Number 2016

Gallery director Liz Heeren and ladder boy Ted Heeren (L to R)

Sponsors with art.