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F.P. Team Members Receive Multiple Online Certifications

By Fresh Produce

SIOUX FALLS, SD–Sep 25, 2014–Without even telling anyone about it first, project coordinator Hannah Kuelbs recently became the first member of the Fresh Produce team to be Google AdWords certified. Kuelbs stated her goal in taking the two online certification tests was to broaden her knowledge of online media strategy.

Kuelbs studied for and took the tests at home, on her own time, after drinking a moderate amount of rhubarb wine. “I was hoping to improve my craft and trying to help Fresh Produce do the best work that we can for our clients,” said Kuelbs. “After my third glass, I felt ready. So I went ahead and took the [first] test.”

The following Tuesday, Kuelbs took and passed the second, final, certification test. “The advanced test was quite a bit harder,” she said. “So I was happy with my decision to have only one glass that night.”


Fresh Produce designer/illustrator John Boylan also recently completed an online certification when he became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. The ULC is a non-denominational community that follows the mantra “We are all children of the same universe.”

“We are all children of the same universe.”

“My life hasn’t changed too much [since becoming a minister],” said Boylan. “I haven’t married anyone yet, and I haven’t buried anyone yet.”


Several other people in the Fresh Produce office have also been certified in things. Media strategist Katrina Lehr-McKinney is a certified yoga instructor. Account executive Jim Speirs was an Eagle Scout, and Fresh Produce co-founder Mike Hart IV still carries his Selective Service card in his wallet.

Designer Cami Lovely’s expired certification in CPR for children and adults makes her the Fresh Produce team member with the most medical knowledge, but according to online website, designer Hunter Murphy can type 81 words per minute, with three mistakes.

Other teams members’ accomplishments skew more athletic. Writer/video producer Kyle Jameson is a Certified Water Safety Instructor (expired), writer Brian Bieber won first place in a karate tournament when he was 15, and creative director and former jock Ted Heeren was the 1994 Beresford High homecoming king.

Fresh Produce has no formal association with the Universal Life Church.