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Guest Column: “ offers guilt-free online shopping experience”

By Fresh Produce


As an avid swag collector, I have always enjoyed attending Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce’s shows. The events are a unique way to explore art from around the region; a chance to mingle with fun, amazing people; and—of course—an opportunity to swipe oodles of funky, free swag from the merch table.

“Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, I would.”

From pins, pens, and magnets to keychains, zines, and coin purses, I’ve managed to acquire most “smalls” with minimal guilt. I am particularly partial to the “Keep Sioux Falls Boring” pens, as I discovered they magically enhance my penmanship to the status of “Master Thank You Note” writer.


But as much as I dearly love these pens, I always end up giving them away or leaving them somewhere until I only have one left.

“I dearly love these pens.”

So I was overjoyed when I found out that Fresh Produce opened an online store ( I immediately purchased a stockpile of my favorite pens and a few other swag items, completely guilt-free and in the comfort of my home. The entire process was mostly pretty simple, and I only had to exchange one item.

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, I would.

Would I make additional purchases from Yes, I would.

Would I give it a 10 star rating, if that is a thing? Yes, I would.


Kellen Boice is a local art lover, burger connoisseur, and all around happy Sioux Fallsian. Photo by Abby Bischoff.

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